Michael Brauser Leisure

Mike Brauser spends time at home with his family and friends. He likes the relaxation of home yet enjoys entertaining.

Steak Grill


He is a grilling connoisseur and loves to experiment with specialized smoking techniques. When entertaining, he enjoys serving up recipes perfected over time. Michael has personally chosen the tools of the trade consisting of BBQ smokers and grills to create the ideal outdoor kitchen.
Michael Brauser Fishing

The Billfish Foundation

On February, 2014, The Billfish Foundation (TBF) honored conservation achievements at their Tag and Release Ceremony in Miami, Florida. Michael Brauser was awarded with the 2013 award for Top Tagging Angler for Blue Marlin in the Atlantic region. Founded in 1986, TBF has the largest billfish tagging program in the world with the largest private international database of Billfish. They originally focused their efforts on education and research but since their inception have added advocacy and fisheries management to their mandate.
Michael Brauser boat Betsy

Open Water Adventurer

In Spring 2012, Michael purchased a Spencer Sport Fishing boat which he named after his wife, ‘Betsy’. It was a great year for the Betsy crew! Michael caught, tagged and released 28 Billfish in 100 days. At the time, Betsy was one of its’ kind with exceptional speed and maneuverability. The length overall (LOA) is 91 feet, beam 22 feet, draft 6 feet and weighs 140,000 pounds. It’s powered by two Caterpillar® C18 ACERT™ diesel engines The interior has a spacious galley with comfortable living quarters and roomy storage. It’s an anglers dream with storage designed for all the gear and supplies.

Sports Enthusiast

Michael is a lover of sport and is very loyal to amateur and professional teams in Florida. He is a fan of his alma mater football team, the University of Florida, Florida Gators. Over the years, Michael has attended games, waited in line for autographs and collected sports memorabilia of his favorite teams, Miami Dolphins (National Football League), Miami Heat (National Basketball Association) and Miami Marlins (Major League Baseball).
Michael brauser Fishing


Brauser became an angler when he purchased his first boat as a young man. He has a strong connection to the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Over the years, his boats have become technically advanced with experienced teams. Out at sea, he has filled the roles of captain, cook, boat washer and angler. Michael can really say, “I’ve done it all”. Now an experienced Angler and Open water adventurer his love now spans into competition and charity. Open Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament Michael Brauser competes in the Open Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament (ABMT) which takes place annually in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Also known as the Boy Scout Tournament, proceeds from this event supports local projects on the Island. Michael’s approach to preservation is similar to the AMBT tournament. They follow the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rules especially catch and release. Competitive fishing is not his true love however, he does enjoy the comaraderie. For more details on the ABMT see, Marlin Fishing: More Than Just Leisure.

More Business Conquests

Majesco Entertainment Co. (NASDAQ: COOL), September 2015- Present

InterCLICK, August 2007- December 2011 (Formerly Customer Acquisition Network)

SendTec Inc., October 2005- September 2006 (Formerly, Relationserve Media Inc.)

Chubasco Resources Corp., October 2005- September 2006

Marlin Capital Partners, LLC, 2003-Present
Founder, President, CEO

Naviant Inc. (eDirect Inc.) 1999-2002
President, CEO

eDirect Inc.
Founder, President, CEO

Seisint, Inc. (eData.com, Inc.) 1999-2003
Founder, Director

Kertz Security Systems Inc.