Michael Brauser Business Conquests

Michael Brauser currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Cogint (NASDAQ: COGT) and is an active investor and stakeholer in several other companies. He has been a key player in the Data Fusion sector since its earliest days, having built market-leading companies that collectively have produced revenues of over $2 billion. These include:
  • Kertz Security, which was acquired by Wayne Huizenga in 1995 for $28 million
  • Naviant, an internet marketing company that was sold to Equifax in 2001 for $135 million
  • Seisint, which Reed Elsevier purchased in 2004 for $775 million
  • 5to1, an Internet advertising company that Mr. Brauser sold to Yahoo in 2011 for $28 million
Much of Mike's success lies in acquisition and partnerships between synergistic companies. He has invested, funded and advised on numerous successful companies over the course of his career, and continues to do so currently.

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Michael Brauser Cogint Nasdaq

Cogint Inc. formerly IDI Inc. (NASDAQ: COGT), June 2015-Present Executive Chairman

Cogint is a ‘data and analytics company’ with its primary customers in the legal, credit and investigative industries. Michael Brauser brings a strong background in M&A to Cogint and has leveraged relationships from previous partnerships.
  • Since Michael joined Cogint, they have acquired digital marketing and customer acquisition firm Fluent.
  • Dr. Phillip Frost, U.S Billionaire, has increased his investment in Cogint and joined the Board of Directors
  • Rebranded Cogint Inc. that included a move from NYSE to NASDAQ: COGT listing.
  • Commercial release of idiCore® a Cogint Inc.Solution- “Through proprietary linking technology, advanced systems architecture and a massive data repository, idiCORE provides actionable intelligence to support debt recovery, fraud detection and prevention,investigations, due diligence, identity verification, legislative compliance, and more.â€Â
  • 2016 Second Quarter Revenue and Operating results reported, “Consolidated Revenue increased to $41.0 million for the second quarter 2016 from $1.0 million for the second quarter 2015â€Â.
Interclick Michael Brauser

Interclick (NADSAQ: ICLK) (interCLICK, Inc) Co-Chairman of Board of Directors

Now known as Genome from Yahoo!, Interclick is a technology company providing solutions for data-driven advertising. Combining scalable media execution capabilities with analytical expertise, interclick delivers exceptional results for marketers.
  • December 2009 IPOs as ICLK on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and raises $18.1M
  • In 2010 interclick reports EBITDA of $13.0 million, an increase of 182% compared to $4.6 in 2009.
  • The company continues to experience rapid growth due from its sound leadership and execution.
  • November 2011 Interclick is acquired by Yahoo! For $270M, creating significant value and returns for Interclick shareholders.

ChromaDex Inc. (NASDAQ: CDXC), October 2011-February 2015 Co-Chairman

ChromaDex Inc. researches new and existing technologies that create products for the dietary supplement, food, beverage, skin care and pharmaceutical industries. Although Mr. Brauser was no longer serving on the Board in Spring 2016, his contributions contributed to listing of CDXC on NASDAQ.
  • ChromaDex began trading on OTCQX MK, November, 2014
  • Reported 6th consecutive quarters of record revenue as Q3 2015 ingredients sales climbed 104%.
  • ChromaDex was named to the Best 50 OTCQX in 2016.
  • Creator license holder of, NIAGEN® is marketed as a product that improves skin with aging, cognitive function and athletic performance.
  • Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. announced the release of NIAGEN® in GNC stores nationwide.
  • Announced a retail commercialization deal with BPI Sports launching several new products containing NIAGEN®. This agreement involves distribution to thousands of U.S retail locations.

More Business Conquests

Majesco Entertainment Co. (NASDAQ: COOL), September 2015- Present

InterCLICK, August 2007- December 2011 (Formerly Customer Acquisition Network)

SendTec Inc., October 2005- September 2006 (Formerly, Relationserve Media Inc.)

Chubasco Resources Corp., October 2005- September 2006

Marlin Capital Partners, LLC, 2003-Present
Founder, President, CEO

Naviant Inc. (eDirect Inc.) 1999-2002
President, CEO

eDirect Inc.
Founder, President, CEO

Seisint, Inc. (eData.com, Inc.) 1999-2003
Founder, Director

Kertz Security Systems Inc.