Michael Brauser Biography

S ince the age of 17, Michael Brauser has lived in the state of Florida. Originally from Long Island, New York he now calls Boca Raton, Florida home. Situated in South Florida, it’s where his family, business, leisure and loyalties are deeply rooted.


Michael attended the University of Florida, Warrington Business College in Gainesville, Florida from 1973-1977 where he obtained a B.Sc. in Business Administration. He later served on the Board of Directors at Warrington Business College.
Along with Betsy, his wife of more than 30 years Michael has 4 sons (Daniel, Benjamin, Joshua and Gregory) and a grandchild. For over 40 years Michael has been a successful Entrepreneur and businessman. His family keeps him grounded and provides his home base for rest, hobbies, leisure and charitable activities. Mike entered the Security industry in 1972 when Kertz Security Systems Inc. (Kertz) was bought from owner Jim Kertz by Leon Brauser (his father). Michael was the CEO of Kertz where he worked alongside his brothers Joel and Robert. This was the first step towards his life as an entrepreneur in the data fusion sector. Much of Michael's success lies in acquisition and partnerships between synergistic companies. He has invested, funded and advised on many startups which eventually sparked the interest of business giants. He is currently the Executive Chairman of The Board of Cogint, Inc. (formerly IDI, Inc.) (NASDAQ: COGT.) Here are some of Michael’s most successful business investments.
Michael approaches his leisure time with the same commitment he devotes to his business ventures. He is a perfectionist with an all or nothing approach, strives to be the best at whatever he does. As an Angler, Open Sea Adventurer and more, he is always, ‘all in’.


Acquired by Equifax in 2001 for $135 million When eDirect merged with Naviant in 1990, Mr. Brauser, its founder, took over as President and CEO. While at the top, Michael spun off Seisint (a wholly owned subsidiary) and raised $30 million in venture capital funding. Acquisitions included Data One Marketing Inc., Sweepstakes.com Inc. and 24/7 Mail Inc and in 2002, the company had “more than 3,000 corporate customers and expected to post $60 million in salesâ€Â.


Purchased by Reed Elsevier in 2004 for $780 million Originally a subsidiary of eDirect founded by Brauser in 1998. Seisint provides the data engines and data-driven development tools to customers in the risk management sector. It enables the analysis of public sector and related information to collections, federal and legal markets.

Kertz Security Systems Inc.

Acquired by Wayne Huizenga, Chairman of Republic Waste Industries in 1995 for $24 million in stock. At the time of its sale, Kertz Security Systems was known as the, “oldest and largest independent alarm company in Floridaâ€Â. This was attributed in part to Michael’s “aggressiveness in sales- that caused the company to grow from 1,200 accounts in 1972 to more than 30,000 in 1995†(Leon Brauser).