Five Things You Can do to Help Cure Cancer


The Michael & Betsy Brauser Foundation supports organizations for children with special needs. The Dana-Farber Centre for Cancer research is another recipient of their generosity. Michael & Betsy Brauser understand the importance of participating in clinical trials. Betsy Brauser is personally benefiting from the devotion of talented scientists at Dana-Farber but, it's more than that. Countless women and their families will benefit from cancer treatment advanced through clinical trials. Michael & Betsy have done their part to help cure Cancer. Here are five things you can do.

  • Refer people to is an international database of clinical trials. Search by diagnosis to find trials in numerous stages of completion. It provides eligibility criteria for trials that are actively recruiting.
  • Increase public awareness
    The entire Cancer infrastructure is massive and for millions of people around the world, it's real. Exercise empathy and understanding by sharing, exploring and learning.
  • Join the national bone marrow registry
    Learn how you can BE THE MATCH by donating your own blood products. You never know, you might need help someday.
  • Join the support staff
    Scientists and researchers cannot fight the battle against Cancer alone. They need a team of like minded professionals for support. If you want an employer you can feel good about, apply to positions where you can make a difference.
  • Volunteer at an Oncology Department
    At the grassroots level, volunteers provide essential support at all steps of the journey. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers, Cancer patients feel understood and cared for (many volunteers are Cancer survivors themselves).

Volunteerism and Cancer – Get Involved
The American Cancer Society has an extensive list of contacts for those who want to GET INVOLVED.


Do you have skills and experience in professional services?
Some volunteer programs help patients cope with the road to recovery. It often includes helping with aesthetics, nail technicians and make-up artists. Check which programs your local Cancer Support Center offers. Additional volunteer hours requested often include, lawn maintenance, snow clearing, massage therapy, house cleaning and laundry.

Do you have a clean driving record?
The road to recovery is literally a challenge for some patients. Transportation programs can be life saving for the patient and families. It helps reduce stress and anxiety already associated with managing the realities of Cancer. See if you are eligible to drive patients to their appointments.

Do you have a wide network of friends and family?
Use your network to fund raise for the American Cancer Society or a local Cancer Support Center. Almost everyone knows someone who has experienced Cancer. If you are a leader, use your skills to inspire your network into action. The reach of your efforts could potentially be worth countless lives.

Are you an idealist with strong empathy?
There are many gatekeepers on the journey. Each are special people who have completed specialized training for face-to-face contact with patients. They may be:
-directing foot traffic at the Hospital Oncology department.
-helping arrange your next appointments
-advocating for a referral to one of many programs

Get involved! Follow in the steps of the The Betsy & Michael Brauser Foundation and make your contribution. No matter the size, determine the best way you can help and take action.


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