Michael Brauser is an inspirational entrepreneur, father, and member of the community

His ability to foresee positive outlook and predict a winner has served him well.

Michael has been an entrepreneur his entire career. Beginning at Kertz Security Systems, Inc, he moved forward to develop his business savvy across various mergers and acquisitions. Skilled at at finding talented people, he has built executive teams that get the job done. He has founded and invested in dozens of business and is a respected and successful deal maker.

The freedom of being on the sea, the adventure of traveling and never knowing what to expect – these are the reasons why Mike enjoys sports fishing.

Mike approaches his leisure time with the same commitment he devotes to his business ventures. He is a perfectionist with an all or nothing approach, strives to be the best at whatever he does. As an Angler, Charity Founder and more, he is always, ‘all in’.


Michael BrauserBrauser currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Cogint Inc. (NASDAQ: COGT) and is an active investor and stakeholder in several other companies.  He has been a key player in the Data Fusion sector since its earliest days, having built market-leading companies that collectively have produced revenues of over $2 billion.Read more


Michael BrauserHis time is regularly spent on charity work and his charitable contributions are making a big impact. Mike and his wife Betsy formed ‘The Betsy and Michael Brauser Charitable Foundation’ in 2014. Their two main areas of focus are Jewish culture in South Florida and Cancer research.Read more


Mike is an avid deep sea fisherman, and employs a professional crew.  He proudly launched his new 87-foot Spencer, Betsy, named for his wife, in March 2012 and by September had caught 118 billfish, 96 of them blue marlin, while fishing in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten and St. Thomas.Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn


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